6 Years Yahoo Account Recovery Process !

Well I guess It’s kinda sad to lose your first anything ..first Love.. first Car..and first E-mail Address .

The Beginning

The story begins between 2004-2005 when i had my first e-mail address and i got it on Yahoo! at first i used it into Yahoo Chat Groups ! with yahoo messenger, which is i guess it was the trend back then ! ,  that account became my identity online all my friends and family chats my subscribes everything was on that e-mail address.

I lost it in 2011 …

I Was not able to Login and i’m not sure why i tried to recover it but i couldn’t

I got depressed all my accounts were linked to that account my Facebook , PSN and etc.. , I thought it’s time to collect the damage and get a new account and change the linked accounts with the new one , So i manged to recover well not all of them but at least i got my Facebook back :).

The Trial..

I Was not ready to give up on that account yet so i was trying every week to get it back i even sent an e-mail to Yahoo but unfortunately was useless after awhile was trying every month then every three months time passes and i tried every six months or so after a while i was just trying randomly when i got the time  .

Life is full of surprises

A Week ago from this post I was logging in to my current Yahoo Account so i figured why not to give it a shot and try to login to my old account so i did and i got an error the red error message on my screen was the most beautiful error I’ve ever got it says “Sorry, we don’t recognise this email address.

really!! i guess i can sign it up then and i did 🙂

Christmas On July…

I got it back the same E-mail Adrees but, Is it really the same account..?

I’ve got to try so i went to PlayStation Network to recover my old PSN account and Surprise ! I DID 🙂 with a NEW ACCOUNT !! and i even managed to recover my Steam , ICQ , AOl  accounts with my old-newish account


I was happy with getting my account back but i was thinking WHAT IF ..

What if someone else just got it before i do ? he will be able to access my linked accounts

because for example if he wanted to have a PSN account the PlayStation Network will response with “An account with this e-mail address already exists.

I am aware of Yahoo! Time Limit* policy but, It is really freaking me out that someone else cloud recover your linked accounts !!

*Yahoo ! time limit :

“Yahoo! Mail accounts are deactivated and removed after six months of not being used, plus an additional two months for each year you held the account.”


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