How do I program ?

It’s more than just Code..Code..Code..!

Well as i work in programming sometime to make a useful great software it’s to include tools for the user to multi -options to make the users feel that your software is very reliable .

it’s more than just sitting in front of computer for hours and hours and writing code , actually it is a bit of mind reading !

How’s that ?

Before even start to write a single line of code you need to be in user’s shoes and draw the whole scenario of your new born child ; ‘the new software to be’,

 After you get all the aspects and solve all the problems in your head then you start the journey of struggle and sleepless nights working your brain on problems you chose to create , but behind all that misery and disappointments you put yourself in, You will be thrilled with every line of code that is doing what it supposed to do ! ; and tat’s what is pushing you to the next line till you satisfied with the results ,  just then you feel like you have changed the world at least in your mind , What a wonderful feeling !

It’s your child !

You always want to make it better and behaves properly and you even feel sad if some one says something bad about it, and the most frighten moments when you let it walk alone ! , will it crash ? or fail ? , Because you are not there any more to fix it problems .

That is how do I code, and I really love and enjoy what i am doing.


2 thoughts on “How do I program ?

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  1. Heyy bro i wish you the best the article is very saturated with emotion and thoughts i’m very sure you’ll make a great programmer keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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